July 26, 2015

New Fish Customs

There a 6 new customs to fish for: summer hamsters.
They all are wearable .

And ofcourse you can still fish for the lanyards.

September 17, 2014

Fish For This - Halloween

Halloween is coming near, so I've made some new fish customs with a witchy twist.
All can be used as decoration to give your place a spooky look.

Tolsen and I are also working hard to turn Icewater Village into a Halloween Village...photos will be placed later.

September 15, 2014

New TDC Custom Badges

Yes...they are catch-able now..the new ID Lanyards made by Tolsen!
There are different ones to catch...The Fox, Peanuts, Sandman etc. and also some new released ones.

May 12, 2014

Fish for This - Teddy Bears

Eight new custom fishing prizes to catch: Cute Teddy Bears

* 4 shoulder pets
* 2 wearable bears which are rotating around you
* 2 bears which can be used as decoration

December 08, 2013

Winter @ Icewater Village

And winter came again in Icewater Village......

The winter Elven Girls are back again

October 23, 2013

Halloween Mini Hunt

The halloween Mini Hunt has started!!
Look for 6 little white ghosts for Halloween Gifts.

For more info go to the  "Hunt" tab.

And there's more....we are in the list of  The Haunted Places Tour & Hunt!!
So ..... an extra gift to look for. (Click at the sign for a hint)